Suntuity AirWorks Shortlisted in Largest UAV RFP Bid in the Caribbean

(Holmdel, NJ):

Suntuity AirWorks, the UAV and Drone Services division of the Suntuity Group of Companies, has been shortlisted to bid on a multifaceted UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) request for proposal for the Government of the Bahamas. The proposal incorporates solutions from global companies that excel at what they do, including but not limited to Boeing and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  The proposal, presented to the Ministry of National Security, would establish the foundation for the Bahamas’ Unmanned Aerial Systems program and lend to the safety and security of the island nation.


“We’re honored to be shortlisted during this bidding process with the Bahamian government,” said Roberto Kirsten, Director of Business Development at Suntuity AirWorks. “We are bringing a unique set of talents, resources and resumes to the table, as well as the use of our own Bahamian facilities, pilots and instructors to set ourselves apart from other bidders. We look forward to providing the best possible UAV services that will further enhance the quality of life on the islands.”


The proposed services will enhance and streamline security processes like drug and human trafficking, patrolling of high crime areas, crowd monitoring, bomb inspection and overall surveillance. More accurate than the naked eye, the UAV solutions are expected to drastically reduce crime and overall operating costs while increasing visibility in the Bahamas.


About Suntuity AirWorks

Suntuity AirWorks is the UAV and Drone services division of the Suntuity Group of Companies, with drone and UAV service offerings in multiple countries and across the US. Its hardware and software platforms deliver state of the art industry-specific solutions from DJI, FLIR, Berkley and other reputable organizations. Suntuity Airworks recently acquired BirdsiVideo and Osprey Assessments, two of the largest UAS (unmanned aerial systems) dealer and service networks across the United States.


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