Suntuity AirWorks Awarded Multi-Township Governmental UAV Bid in Southeast Florida

Suntuity AirWorks, the UAV and Drone Services division of the Suntuity Group of Companies with offices in multiple US states including Florida, has been awarded the RFP to deliver UAS training, equipment and services for the Town of Davie and other members of the Southeast Florida Governmental Purchasing Co-operative.  This includes 56 townships, agencies and counties that constitute members of the Co-operative Group.


As part of the RFP, Suntuity AirWorks is positioned to supply, train and maintain commercial drones for various divisions of the Co-op members including but not limited to police, search and rescue, and firefighting. The drones supplied by Suntuity AirWorks leverage technologies ranging from infrared cameras for Search and Rescue to artificial intelligence for first responders and crowd control. Suntuity University’s AirWorks Academy will provide both on and off-site training for members of the Co-op.


The Suntuity AirWorks proposal incorporated multiple packaged solutions from global companies like drone market-leader DJI and prestigious Suntuity University trainers that are former US military and graduates of aeronautical universities.  The in-depth proposal curated for the Town of Davie and other Co-op members will optimize the safety and security of various departments throughout Southeastern Florida. The Suntuity AirWorks solutions also stand out from its competitors by incorporating not just hardware and software solutions but also training, financing and best practices that are delivered by best-in-class executors.


“We’re excited to be selected by the Town of Davie and the Southeast Florida Governmental Purchasing Co-operative Group,” said Charmie Pujalt, Director of New Business Development at Suntuity AirWorks. “Our full scope of solutions for training and equipment purchasing, paired with extensive talents and resources through our user-friendly online platform, positions us as a unique choice for Co-op members. Our services further streamline processes for law enforcement, first responders, search and rescue, security, crowd control, civil engineering, and marketing.”


Packages and solutions offered through Suntuity AirWorks can be customized to include training on various UAV platforms and payloads in addition to professional services like UAV program development and FAA Certificates of Authorization.


Municipalities can participate by reaching out to Charmie Pujalt at 833.424.7957 or [email protected]. More information on the Co-op is accessible here:


About Suntuity AirWorks

Suntuity AirWorks is the UAV and Drone services division of the Suntuity Group of Companies, with drone and UAV service offerings in multiple countries and across the US. Its hardware and software platforms deliver state of the art industry-specific solutions from DJI, FLIR, Berkley and other reputable organizations. Suntuity Airworks recently acquired BirdsiVideo and Osprey Assessments, two of the largest UAS service networks across the United States.


About Suntuity University

Suntuity University is the comprehensive drone and solar academy training program for the Suntuity Group of companies. Students of AirWorks Academy can receive a Certified Drone Professional (CDP) certification through curriculum that covers a wide range of drone regulations, processes, technologies and solutions.


For more information on Suntuity AirWorks, please visit: &


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