Free Drone Replacement – How We Keep You In The Sky

Accidents happen.

But whether or not it’s a fender bender or a tree falling on your house, you shouldn’t lose your investment just because of an accident. After all, you’re not out $20,000 when your Ford Focus gets rear-ended.

We feel the same way about drones.

One of the largest hurdles facing the drone industry is the risk associated with inexperienced pilots flying thousand-dollar equipment. There’s no doubt that drones save businesses and local governments time, money, and lives, but when the chance of wrecking their drone fleet comes into play, smaller operations simply can’t afford to regularly purchase new drones over and over again.

This is a problem, because despite the significant benefits drone services provide, drone crashes are inevitable. Now, does this mean that smaller towns can’t afford to save as much money firefighting or as many lives with search and rescue?

Not if we have anything to say about it!

Thanks to our new Enterprise Shield program, drones purchased through our Enterprise program are eligible for free repairs and replacements.

The free replacement program was developed to compliment our turnkey drone service packages, which are custom designed to give your department everything you need to transition to drones as quickly and responsibly as possible.

Need drones? Check.

Need training? Check.

Need insurance? Check.

Red tape is everywhere, but it shouldn’t bog down innovation. It also shouldn’t stop you from saving money or lives just because your city is Hialeah instead of Miami.

Gordon Dowrey, our Director of Operations and Service Delivery at Suntuity AirWorks, believes the replacement program will help incentivize public safety departments with limited budgets to update their departments with drones.

“The advantages drones are providing to police, firefighters, city planners, and health officials are simply too great to ignore,” said Dowrey. “With the Enterprise Shield program we offer as a DJI certified dealer, we’re eliminating the largest barrier between you and a smarter, safer community.” 

Read more about what Gordon had to say about our free drone replacement program here.

Armed with our drone replacement program, upgraded drone packages that offer equipment, training, ongoing support, software, and now insurance with replacement guarantees, we’re turning our eye toward public departments across the country to help usher in the aerial age.

The success businesses and public departments are seeing, thanks to the advancements of drone technology, is no accident. That’s why we’re committed to making sure that you’ll never have to face the brunt of an aerial accident alone.

If you’re interested in applying for this program or learning more, reach out to us at

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