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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 


America is in pain. The coronavirus pandemic was only the beginning of our country’s concerns, as economic instability, rising unemployment, and now racial injustice have spilled over into our lives once more. 


If you have been following the news, you know perfectly well why our melting pot is boiling over. The death of George Floyd has reignited tensions between America’s police and the African American community as protestors take to the streets demanding justice for their slain neighbor. It’s a difficult time.  And while the difficulty of a company in these situations is far outweighed by the difficulties felt by the citizens and public servants in the affected communities, it’s important to remember that silence helps no one. So we’re going to say something.


The events in Minnesota are symptomatic of a disease, one that has stained America’s past and continues to affect its present. A stain that permeates our culture, our communities, our government, and our lives year in and year out. But the stain of racism has no place in our future.


It seeps into the seams of our institutions, cutting short the lives of minorities nationwide. It taints the public will, sacrificing trust in good police officers at the altar of the worst among them. It infects our hearts and turns us against each other when it’s more important than ever to stand united, together, to face the challenges of our future.


Pursuing justice and maintaining order shouldn’t be at odds in a civil society, and that’s something we believe at the core of our company. It’s why we work within communities to help public safety departments use drones as safely and responsibly as possible to diffuse situations before they become crises. It’s why our mission statement is to, “build a better future with drone technology.” Not to hinder, but to help. Not to hurt, but to heal.


We work with police, and all of our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. We meet officers who are excited to get their hands on new technology that helps them do their jobs with more accuracy and understanding than ever before. But the experiences of one company does not encompass the complexities of the criminal justice system in America, and our job doesn’t stop there.


Responsibility and accountability are as important as safety and security, and as our collective hearts go out to the communities suffering in Minnesota and beyond, we pledge to commit as many resources, training personnel, and time we possibly can to help ensure both the police and the communities they’re sworn to protect can move forward with data beyond prejudice, safety beyond bias, and foresight beyond the bounds of racism. 


In the words of the man who’s sentiments began this article, “A riot is the language of the unheard.”


It’s time we listened.

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