New Drone Leasing Program Announced

Upgrading systems and procedures with the power of drone technology is necessary in order to save time, money, and lives in almost every industry. But there’s a problem.

Drone equipment is expensive.

That’s why we’re launching a first-of-its-kind drone leasing program to help anyone, from small businesses and cities to multi-national corporations, easily invest in an aerial update.

Drones are making data collection and inspection safer and faster than ever before, but in order to update their systems with drone technology, companies have to swallow a significant initial expense in order to purchase the drones, cameras, and training they need.

That’s why we created the Suntuity AirWorks Leasing Program — to offset the financial burden that keeps many cities and businesses from fully incorporating cost and life saving drone services into their existing platforms.

Unlike current third-party financing platforms, the Suntuity AirWorks leasing program provides a variety of UAVs, an on-site flight and equipment training platform, and a drone replacement service to ensure new owners can effectively operate and benefit from their new drones.

But there’s another consideration — technical obsolescence.

Because drones are in the middle of a technological boom, new UAVs are being developed on an annual basis with better and smarter technology. That’s a problem for businesses, as the cost-savings of drone services could be offset by continually purchasing new equipment.

Our leasing program offers customers the option to easily trade-in aging UAVs in order to upgrade leases to the newest drones as they hit the market.

Technological obsolescence is a real concern for new drone owners,” said Gordon Dowrey, Director of Operations. “By offering this new leasing program, lessors will be able to build their drone fleets without fear of an expensive purchase becoming outdated down the line.”

With a significantly lower initial expense, the ability to upgrade and replace aging drones, and an in-house training program designed by our own drone pilots, customers will now be able to more easily transition to drone technology than ever before. 

To learn more about the advantages of buying vs leasing drones, click here

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