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South Florida Co-op Renews Multi-Year UAV Membership With Suntuity AirWorks

Have you ever wondered how cities can leverage drone technology to serve the public? From police departments to firefighters, public departments nationwide are beginning to take note.

That’s because of a UAVs unique ability to work safer, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. From traffic accident analysis to search and rescue, local governments have begun to leverage UAV technology to make smarter communities a goal of the future.

With this goal in mind, we’re pleased to announce that the South Florida Governmental Purchasing Cooperative has officially signed a multi-year renewal with Suntuity AirWorks! In a bid to further update both public and private entities in the region with the advantages of drone technology, we’re excited to continue helping the Sunshine State with an aerial advantage. 

The original agreement, signed in 2019, positioned us to supply, train, and maintain commercial drones for police, firefighters, disaster relief teams, and more within the 56 different townships and agencies of the Co-op.

This long-term membership renewal emphasizes the successful implementation of Suntuity AirWorks’ all-in-one drone package solutions in South Florida. These packages were created to increase efficiencies for existing departments needing to purchase new drones, train their teams, and fully integrate aerial technology into existing services. Among the existing services are programs that help public servants better perform for their communities. From thermal imaging for electrical inspections to ongoing and post fire assessment, Floridians can feel safer when their emergency personnel have access to the latest and greatest tools of the trade.

Government agencies currently taking advantage of the contractual drone benefits include the Boca Raton Police Department, the Palm Beach Police Department,  the Town of Davie Fire Rescue and Police Departments, and the City of Lake Worth Beach Utility Services.

Charmie Pujalt, Director of New Business Development at Suntuity AirWorks, believes the proven success of the South Florida Co-op membership will lead to further drone integration for public service departments and businesses nationwide. 

“The best way existing departments can increase efficiency and reduce costs is with the power of drone technology,” said Pujalt. “From infrastructure inspection to police and fire deployments, the value aerial technology provides to local departments looking to update their processes is unmatched. That’s why Suntuity AirWorks is taking the experience and success we gained in the South Florida Co-op and expanding our end-to-end drone solutions to other agencies and townships across the country.”

The Co-op membership renewal comes off the heels of the recent announcement of our new drone leasing program, a cutting-edge pricing initiative created to help offset the cost of purchasing large-scale drone equipment.

We look forward to continuing our mission to build a better future with the power of drone technology. If you are a Co-op member and are interested in exploring your options with the program, contact Charmie Pujalt at 833.424.7957 or submit an inquiry to  [email protected]

Our drone integration solutions can be customized to include training on various UAV platforms, as well as developing UAV Programs and documentation for your department. Thanks to our experience serving public institutions in Florida, we are more prepared than ever to bring the power of drone technology to your department. We look forward to serving you!

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