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Everything You Need To Know About FPV Drones

In recent years, first-person view (FPV) drones have grown in popularity, expanding from a small group of specialised flyers to a broad category of remotely piloted aircraft with unique use cases and applications. But what are they, and more importantly, do they have a practical business application? Let’s find out. What Are FPV Drones? FPV […]

The Two Methods of Remote Inspections

Live Stream or 3D Model Drones bring safety and efficiency to inspections of elevated surfaces and elements whether it is an electric transmission line, cell tower, or a flare stack at a refinery. Personnel do not have to directly access the various elements of these assets in order to visually assess their condition in the […]

Drones In Security

A Double Edged Sword – Use and Protection Drones, technically known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), have many applications in the wide-ranging security industry. Based on their size, cost, payloads, and configurations, they can both enhance and threaten security operations in many ways. For the successful introduction of drone and […]

South Florida Co-op Renews Multi-Year UAV Membership With Suntuity AirWorks

Have you ever wondered how cities can leverage drone technology to serve the public? From police departments to firefighters, public departments nationwide are beginning to take note. That’s because of a UAVs unique ability to work safer, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. From traffic accident analysis to search and rescue, local governments have […]

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Taps Suntuity AirWorks’ Gordon Dowrey for Panel Discussion Hosted by Purdue University

Gordon Dowrey, Director of Operations and Service Delivery at Suntuity AirWorks, was invited to participate in a panel discussion on unmanned aerial systems across the nation in efforts to help facilitate growth within the industry sector. The program was sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated […]

Drone Services are Helping Drive the Renewable Energy Revolution

  The use of drone for solar panel installation (and other renewable energy sources, like wind turbines) have made the transition to cleaner energy much more viable in recent years. With the rise of state legislation dedicated to renewable capacity goals, drones can offer faster turnaround times for more efficient engineering, construction monitoring, and quality […]

Drones are Improving Crop Spraying Methods for Farmers

Drones for crop-spraying are starting to become more popular, especially in countries where field access is often a challenge for tractors and planes. One of the perks of utilizing this technology for crop treatment is the increase in precision which results in a reduction of pesticide use by up to 30%. This in turn helps […]

Drone Photography Revolutionizes Construction

Drones are propelling a new generation of construction workers that are now relying on their technology in place of large, clunky (and costly) planes that used to be used to handle onsite aerial photography of each site. For an industry that’s used to relying on photos that are far away, drones now provide the option […]