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Powerful New Drone Cameras Announced

Drones have long been used to help map and survey assets from the sky. That’s because, when it comes to visual inspection, UAVs offer a significant time efficiency advantage over traditional on-foot data collection methods. But ease is one thing — accuracy is another. From erosion inspection to 3D cell tower mapping, the ability to […]

How Drones Are Fighting The Wildfires

The West Coast is burning. Over the past month, more than five million acres have burned across California, Oregon, and Washington. Tens of thousands of people living in the Pacific Northwest are now displaced. At least 27 have perished in the fires. But that’s only the beginning. Millions unaffected by the flames are subject to […]

Buying VS Leasing Your UAV

Over the last decade, it’s safe to say that we truly live in an era of technological innovation. The computers, software, and technology we used back in 2010, for example, are not even comparable to the phones, data processes, and learning programs used in business today. Unfortunately, for many mid-sized businesses, that can be a […]

Introducing The Future of Aerial Technology

Everyday across the country, good people are working tirelessly to ensure the world as we know it keeps on spinning. From local police and firefighters to maintenance teams and inspection personnel, departments are working around the clock to ensure we as a nation can both figuratively and literally keep the lights on. But in these […]

Building A Better Future, Together

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.    America is in pain. The coronavirus pandemic was only the beginning of our country’s concerns, as economic instability, rising unemployment, and now racial injustice have spilled over into our lives once more.    If you have been following the news, […]

Free Drone Replacement – How We Keep You In The Sky

Accidents happen. But whether or not it’s a fender bender or a tree falling on your house, you shouldn’t lose your investment just because of an accident. After all, you’re not out $20,000 when your Ford Focus gets rear-ended. We feel the same way about drones. One of the largest hurdles facing the drone industry […]

Suntuity AirWorks and Suntuity University Present Free Multi-Series Webinars to Help First Responders Leverage Drones to Combat COVID-19

Suntuity AirWorks (https://suntuityairworks.com), through its collaboration with Suntuity University’s AirWorks Academy (https://suntuityuniversity.com/airworks-academy/), is offering free webinars to introduce public safety officials to drone technologies that can enable them in their fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic. Leveraging Suntuity University’s Learning Management Systems and Suntuity AirWorks’ enterprise equipment support teams (https://suntuityairworks.com/enterprise/), the webinars will enable public safety […]

How Drones Are Fighting The Coronavirus

In January, the CDC warned us. In February, it spread across Europe. In March, it became a pandemic. The coronavirus is now a worldwide crisis. Like many across Asia and Europe, Americans are finally witnessing the drastic effects COVID-19 puts across our personal, professional, and social lives. From panic-buying toilet paper to panic-selling stocks, the […]

Fighting Fires from The Skies

This past weekend, Suntuity AirWorks hosted a booth at the Daytona Beach Fire-Rescue 2020 conference, and if you saw us there, you got a first-hand look at how drones are revolutionizing emergency safety procedures nationwide. But in case you didn’t, you may be wondering, “How can a drone help with fires? Do they spray water […]

Which Drone Is Best For Your Business?

As we wrap up the 2019 holiday season, drones have once again been atop many techy’s “Best Gifts” and wish-lists. After all, how many tech-loving mom or pop could say no to the fun, functionality, and potential of something like this? But, as the professional market has clearly shown, drones are far more than just […]