Drone Services are Helping Drive the Renewable Energy Revolution


The use of drone for solar panel installation (and other renewable energy sources, like wind turbines) have made the transition to cleaner energy much more viable in recent years. With the rise of state legislation dedicated to renewable capacity goals, drones can offer faster turnaround times for more efficient engineering, construction monitoring, and quality assurance. What would normally take nearly 30 days can potentially take 24 hours with a drone, which makes a world of difference in how many systems we can get up and running. The faster we install, the faster we can make a more positive impact in the environment,

To read more about this topic, please reference the original article, “How Drone Solutions are Powering the Future of Solar Energy”, published by Solar Magazine.

Drones are Improving Crop Spraying Methods for Farmers

Drones for crop-spraying are starting to become more popular, especially in countries where field access is often a challenge for tractors and planes. One of the perks of utilizing this technology for crop treatment is the increase in precision which results in a reduction of pesticide use by up to 30%. This in turn helps reduce risk of environmental damage as well.

To read more, refer to the original article, “The crop-spraying drones that go where tractors can’t”, published on BBC News.

Drone Construction

Drone Photography Revolutionizes Construction

Drones are propelling a new generation of construction workers that are now relying on their technology in place of large, clunky (and costly) planes that used to be used to handle onsite aerial photography of each site. For an industry that’s used to relying on photos that are far away, drones now provide the option to fly much slower and hover in certain spots to catch more accurate imagery.

To read more, check out the original article, “How Drone Photography is Carving a Niche in Construction”, published on CNBC.